( BODY )

An exhibition by Emma Hislop & Claire McGinlay
@ The Old Hairdresser's, Glasgow

A 'body of work' in its rawest form,
what it is to create such a body in the studio.
The exhibition looks into this production of work
implanted with restriction and contrast. Hislop spent
much of the process with limitations in Australia,
whereas McGinlay worked from her studio, Glasgow.
This restriction is embedded in the work shown,
each artists own work with its own set of constraints
and ideas juxtaposed against the other's. Alongside
collaborative pieces such as;  sculpture and 'switch'
drawings, layered work directly onto the other's.


An exhibition of work created as part of a
series of workshops by Mackintosh Reimagined,
based upon the reimaging of the Mackintosh
building at The Glasgow School of Art following the
fire. The exhibition was held within the gallery
space of the Mackintosh building, as part of
private tours to an audience of 100 on 14.06.16

Sculpture    'Lye', 2016
Wood from Mackintosh fire (door & window)

Paper Casts    'Untitled', 2016
Pulp casts of wood from Mackintosh fire
Collaborative Work

'Fusillade', 2016    A2
Paper    Cotton, Charcoal & Wood Shaving Pulp
Drawing    Charcoal & Ink

'Mending', 2016    A5
Charcoal & Cotton Pulp with Sandbag Tarpaulin

'PPE', 2016    A6
Charcoal & Cotton Pulp with Bubble Wrap

'Quantification', 2016     A6
Charcoal & Cotton Pulp with Measuring Tape

'Cookie', 2016    A6
Paper    Charcoal Chip & Shavings Pulp
Drawing     Ink

'Cookie Monster', 2016    A5
Paper    Charcoal Chip & Shavings Pulp
Drawing     Ink


Work exhibited for 'AVERAGE GOODS' exhibition
@ Cass Art - The Art Space, Glasgow
month long group exhibition

Sculpture    Portrait, 2016
(PVC, Sand Bags, Salt and Earthenware)
Individual Photographic Prints(top left to bottom right)    Oneness, Congruence, Placing, Name, Configuration, Self, Accordance, Distinction, 2016


Looking at Tramway as a masculine, industrial environment versus the, then exhibiting, Turner Prize's temporary, feminine white outline through conversation between the two and artworks. Alongside the artist's own societal place and preservation of this.

Shown as part of 'ART ASSISTANCE' exhibition,
Tramway, Glasgow, December 2015/January 2016 

Cloth, 2015
Acrylic, Glass, Hot Glue & Indian Ink


Coming from the untitled series featuring Fabric, this work continues on the theme of giving and taking, with photographed outstretched hands of a 'preacher' or 'Good News spreader' at Queens Park train station. This work questions our society's fabric of questionable morals whilst still paying homage in reverence to the unknown person.
Who are we, who are you in contrast to such good?
Shown at VISIONS exhibition, November 2015
Hoxton Arches, London.


Just Her Name, 2015
11.69 x 16.53"
Acrylic, Gesso, Chalk, Chalk Pastel and Photographic Print on Paper
For Sale


Embodiment of small pieces of information of a person who touched the lives of many through her soul and hands work.
Name and person unknown.
Gifted to a dear family who entrust her legacy.

Fabric, 2015
11.69 x 16.53"
Acrylic, Gesso transfer and pen.


Work exhibited for 'Paradise' @ VoidoidARCHIVE, Glasgow
The installation was accompanied by a poetry reading on opening night and short film shown during the after party @ The Poetry Club


'Box' dimensions 3 x 6.5 ft (minus curtain)
Lamp dimensions 2 x 2 ft
Materials: plywood (ex-quilting frame), SES bulb, curtain (various clothing/bedding), imitation gold leaf, velour, resin casts (nail varnish, toe nail clippings, tobacco, eyeliner shavings, eye shadow, lime/sand stone, pubic hair, lipstick)